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GameSir Z1 gaming keypad is well-designed for fully stimulating the gaming potential and offers a gaming-grade, space-saving alternative to full-sized keyboard without sacrificing essential features. The combination of an attractive design that’s appropriate for


GameSir G-core is a brand-new hardware configuration tool that equips with configurable layouts, Macro edit and customizable device lightning. It upgrades your gaming experience to an unprecedently proficient level with GameSir device.

Read Before Use1.The FPS DOCK firmware does not apply to Android phones / tablets with MTK chips.2.The FPS DOCK firmware can only be used for GameSir X1 / Z1 / Z2.3.Please fully charge GameSir X1 / Z1 / Z2 and your phones / tablets before the update.4

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GameSir Z2 wireless gaming keypad is a professional one-handed mechanical keypad with 34 TTC blue switches and 4 silicon keys that deliver low latency and fast response. Completely compatible keypad and mouse combo is well-designed for fully stimulating the gaming potential and perfect for FPS games.

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2/8/2018 · GameSir Z1 Review Rgb Mechanical Gaming Keyboard @GameSir #GameSir #keybaord #gaming #techtuesdays #beardedbob #gamer This video is part of my Tech Tuesdays where we look at gaming products and general technology. Today we are looking at GameSir Z1 Review Rgb Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Unique Designed: GameSir Z1

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使用Z1時,可於電量顯示燈查看電量狀態 連接PC時,由USB線(Type-C USB 長度160cm) 供電,源源不絕 ※實驗數據顥示,開燈模式下可暢玩7小時,關燈模式下可暢玩15小時 產品規格 產品名稱:蓋世小雞 吃雞王座Z1 產品型號:Gamesir Z1 包裝尺寸:318 x

GAMESIR GM300 无线游戏鼠 GAMESIR R3 蓝牙音频适配 GTV130 GAMESIR GK300 盖世小鸡GM200 Gamesir GB98K 蓝牙音箱 盖世小鸡T4有线版 小鸡C1王者炮台 盖世小鸡英伟达套装 小鸡手柄M2 蓝色 小鸡手柄M2 红色 小鸡F2游戏握把-黑色 小鸡王座Z1 红

GameSir Z1 Gaming Keypad is loaded with 29 authentic Cherry MX Red / Kailh Blue Key Switches. We have tested almost all well-known types of key switches in market and concluded that these two switches have the endless competitive advantage for universal

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26/11/2018 · Why was I sent this? Trash from my Inbox! (Aimus Joysticks, Gamesir X1/Z1, Fake SNES mini) – Duration: 16:15. LowSpecGamer 134,603 views

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20/8/2018 · Gamesir Z1 и GM100 помогут получить максимум удовольствия от партии PUBG (но можно настроить и для других шутеров. В общем, с Gamesir Z1 полностью исчезает вопрос о том, как использовать мышку и

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GameSir盖世小鸡Z1吃鸡神器内置王座单手机械键盘樱桃红轴,和平精英刺激战场键鼠转换器苹果安卓电脑通用 手游吃鸡神器单手王座游戏手柄刺激战场和平精英手机键盘鼠标套装无线蓝牙外设转换器苹果平板安卓投屏器 新升级自动压枪版+单手机械

Buy GameSir Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Z1 for PC/Mobile Phone, One-Handed Gaming Keypad with Macro Keys for FPS Game, RGB Backlighting, Anti-ghosting, Blue Key Switches, Built-in Battery(Red Switch): Replacement Parts – FREE

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『GameSir Z1 Cherry MX赤軸』の魅力は、自由なマクロ設定にあると思います。理解までに少し時間が掛かってしまいました。ネット情報もほとんど無かったので、同じく悩んでいるで


GameSir Z1 Gaming Keypad, an one-handed mechanical gaming keypad, is designed to power the full potential of gaming. Ideal with FPS or battle-royal games. Perfect with Windows PC, compatible with both 2.4Ghz wireless dongle mouse or wired mouse. Freely

GameSir Z1 $69.99 GameSir T4 $35.99 See All Posts GameSir October 16 at 4:25 AM · #GameSir i3 is launched in Kickstarter now!