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攜號轉台選用 HK$268 計劃尊享18GB全速數據及免行政費優惠,讓你體驗全方位流暢睇片,輕鬆上網﹗ 上台買埋機王,送$6,500手機及配件折扣,畀你換多部機! 「齊人先收全費」 上台先享優惠,屋企人轉

SmarTone provides a great range of 4.5G/4G LTE/3G mobile service plans for individuals (1GB/2.5GB/6GB/16GB) and families (6GB/10GB/20GB). Subscribe to a mobile service plan and enjoy SmarTone’s 5S Powerful Network!

SmarTone 提供多個 4.5G/4G LTE/3G 流動數據及話音服務計劃,包括買機上台、轉台或帶機上台計劃。升級至FUP無限數據更可無限體驗SmarTone 5S 超越快穩順嘅超強勢網絡!

Subscribe to our plans online to get offers like FREE extra data, flagship smartphone discounts, Uber free rides etc. Offers also available for plan renewal. Online Exclusive Offer For a monthly fee of $268, you can enjoy a smooth video streaming and hassle-free

SmarTone 家庭4.5G全速計劃提供多個流動數據及話音服務計劃組合(20GB/10GB/6GB + 基本通話分鐘)。上台優惠包括每月額外雙倍本地數據,另有額外上台優惠及專享禮遇,畀你體驗SmarTone 5S 超越快穩順嘅超強勢網絡!了解更多!

Customers who subscribe iPhone SuperCare Smartphone Plans or iPhone SuperCare Smartphone Plans with free ‘FUP Unlimited Data’ will enjoy Plus tier membership of SmarTone Plus. Fixed-term contract are required. Customers who subscribe designated

^For subscription of designated SuperCare Family Plan, the Primary SIM Card will entitle Free Greater Bay Area Data Service with extra China and Macau data usage of the Greater Bay Area Data Service (1.5GB/month) within contract period. The default Greater

SuperCare Family plan – 10GB SuperCare Family plan – 20GB DataRoam x 3 plan DataRoam x 6 plan GoodCare Smartphone Plan Subscribe to SmarTone Online Store’s newsletter for HK$100 off accessories purchase. By clicking 『Confirm』, you agree to the

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